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Industrial Automation:

The range of innovative products, systems and solutions for the distinctive requirements of clients is as varied and diverse as the industry itself. The spectrum of offerings at Industry Automation ranges from standard consumer appliances to system solutions for automation technologies used in manufacturing and process industries. As a leading provider of machinery and complete plants to the bakery industry, we at Zailaf are very well positioned to provide Plant and Process automation solutions based on the customer requirements.

Products and Services:

Automation division at Zailaf offer products and services:
  1. Bakery Plant/Process Automation
    • a. Centralized monitoring and control of various machines in the bakery industry.
    • b. Automatic De-panner for bread, rusk and biscuit plants.
    • c. Automatic De-lidder for bread, rusk and biscuit plants.
    • d. Bread packaging machine (bagger and sealer)
    • e. Commercial Rotimaker
  2. Home Automation Systems
    • a. Automation Systems for 2BHK
    • b. Automation Systems for 3BHK
    • c. Automation Systems for luxury villas
  3. Home Appliances
    • a. Automatic Rotimaker


  • Upcoming...

    Electronically controlled De-lidder for Rusk plants.